Bloody festival …Man stabbed to deathas Oforola celebrates ‘Ihe Uzo’ festival By Adonis Amadi

The annual Ihe Uzo festival of the Oforola Community in Owerri West Local Government Area of Imo State, turned bloody recently when a 29-year-old man was stabbed to death in the midst of merriment.

The victim, Tochukwu Madu, who was described as an orphan, met his death after an argument in a drinking parlour at Eke Uzi market, Oforola, where he was said to be having some drinks with his mates.

Irate youths immediately invaded the home of the assailant and reduced his parents’ house to rubble.

An eyewitness told Christian Voice that trouble began when an elderly man (names withheld) said to be from Obosima joined the group that was making merry during the festival.

The man was, however, not wanted among the group, according to sources.  And the playmates did not hesitate to ask him out of their midst.

Apparently, feeling insulted, the unwelcomed visitor allegedly called his younger relative on phone and narrated to him how he had been humiliated.

Some minutes after the call, the assailant appeared at the scene holding a dagger with which he stabbed Tochukwu four times.

The dagger broke into two, leaving one half in the victim’s body and efforts to save his life proved abortive.

On noticing that Tochukwu was dead, the assailant and his relative who called him fled the scene.

His parents, on hearing that the youths were matching towards their home, also fled to unknown destination to avoid being lynched.

A football coach in the area,  Mr Adolphus Chikwe, regretted the death of Tochukwu whom he described as a very good footballer and a member of a local team.

Sources, however, alleged that the assailant had some scores to settle with the victim who was said to have accused him of wrong doing in the past.

The matter is under police investigation.

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