Elites responsible for Nigeria’s woes -IMSU VC By Nick Chibunna

The inability of Nigeria to realize  her full potentials since 100 years of nationhood, has been squarely blamed on the elite and ruling class.

The Acting Vice Chancellor of Imo State University, Professor Ukachukwu Aloysius Awuzie, made the assertion recently in an exclusive interview with Christian Voice.

The Vice Chancellor, a former president of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), accused the elite of primitive acquisition of wealth, inordinate ambition to capture political power, promotion of ethnicity and divide-and-rule for selfish ends.

The Professor of Landscape Architecture accused some of them of having been re-cycled for years as they refused to quit while he lashed out at the younger generation of the ruling class for being bereft of ideas.

But Prof. Awuzie insisted that all hope was not lost as he conceded that progress has been recorded in the field of education with the astronomical increase in the number of primary, secondary and tertiary institutions with the products making waves in different fields all over the world.

He sees a two-party system as the panacea to the country’s problems, adding that it would break ethnic barriers as he cited the June 12, 1993, election as a model.

To check the cut-throat competition among politicians, he advocated that political offices should be made less attractive by legislators at both the state and national legislature serving as part time basis.

He contended that the present arrangement whereby the legislators serve on permanent basis has depleted the national wealth.

On the Igbo question, Prof. Awuzie said that Ndigbo are still in search of a leader and that when the leader is found, the Igbos would have a new dawn in Nigeria.


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