Prosecute Baby factory owners -Group

A non-governmental organization based in Owerri, Imo State, the Human Rights Aids and Legitimacy International Initiative (HURI-LEGIT) has commended the police and other security agencies for exposing perpetrators of child trafficking through what has now been known as baby factories.

In a statement signed by the group’s Executive Director, Comrade Ken Oparah, the group called for the immediate prosecution of those involved in the crime.

It regretted that the baby factory issue was prevalent in the South- East and South -South States and urged the security agencies to recover children sold in this manner and their buyers brought to book.

It also called for laws from the legislature to strengthen existing ones against the ugly trend.

“Let government ensure that all births are duly/legally registered with state governments and in every community too”, the group stated, adding that bearers of any child found not to have genuine registration of birth should be arrested.

It called on religious organizations, human rights organizations as well as other relevant government agencies to join hands in the fight against the phenomenon.

It regretted that some health workers connive with criminals to exchange babies in labour wards while those who should counsel girls with unwanted pregnancies exploit them.

The group observed that young girls who hawk various items around town get pregnant and hide in the baby-factories.  Others are university students who do not visit home when they get pregnant.

Sources of the baby factory raw materials, it said, are many, adding that the outrageous crime erodes the sanctity of human value.