Drama in Church …As two brides appear for one groom. *Wedding aborted

The usual solemn but mammoth congregation of Adoration Ministries Enugu Nigeria (AMEN) last week witnessed an unprecedented drama when two brides appeared at the church, ready to wed one groom.

The brides, fully attired in their bridal costumes, each with her full complement of bridal train, waited for Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, the priest in charge of the church to join them in wedlock.

Eyewitnesses told Christian Voice that the groom was equally set in the church with his best man and other members of his train.

The two brides and groom, as well as the expectant but surprised congregation waited in vain for hours as Fr. Mbaka did not appear to perform the wedding ceremony.

It was gathered that Fr. Mbaka, a Catholic priest popular for his evangelism and outspokenness against the wrongs in government and the society, had made strenuous efforts to reconcile the bridegroom and a lady who had three children for him.

The lady who, sources said, had been regarded as his wife all along, was in a troubled marriage that was not solemnized with the groom.

It was further understood that when the marriage bann for the groom and his intended one was going on, there was no objection raised by anyone.

Speculations are, therefore, that one of the brides had embarked on a mischief mission to embarrass the bridegroom.

Hundreds of guests who had attended the aborted wedding ceremony left the scene murmuring, with the bridegroom counting his losses.