Women are sacred and need care By Emma Onumah

The Anglican Bishop of Owerri Rt. Rev. Cyril C. Okorocha Ph.D, has called for the restoration of the dignity of womanhood as a panacea to having a better society.

Bishop Okorocha made the call in a Radio Nigeria Heartland FM Station programme: “Evangelical Hour”.

Speaking on the topic: “Violence Against Women and Future of Society”, the Prelate described women as being sacred and the matrix of life and, as such, should be treated with great care and caution.

He noted that violence against women is not just when you punch or beat a woman but the way and manner you relate with her, and said that such violence could be physical or psychological in nature.

According to him, in the far past, women were not only regarded as “free born” but were respected by men, especially their husbands, adding that, however you think you are a man, there are places where a woman would beat you by nature.

Bishop Okorocha enumerated several forms of violence which, according to him, include – rejecting a female child when a male child is born, asking a woman how many children she has, forcing a woman to become a prostitute, denying her the right to exercise what God has made her to be, and wondered what could be more violent than asking or encouraging a girl to go naked through putting on some immoral and seducing wears.

He then deposed that if there is to be a better society, men should begin to have a better attitude to womanhood, and to cultivate the habit of calling their wives good and beautiful names.

The Diocesan also warned men not to shy away from playing their pastoral roles at home in order that God would answer their prayers, adding that violence begins from the experience at home, noisy environment etc.

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