Bad Roads: Rural dwellers send ‘SOS’ to Imogovt as Christmas approaches

As the 2013 Yuletide approaches, the state of rural roads inImoStatehas become a source of worry for rural dwellers and those who plan to spend their Christmas holidays in their respective villages of origin.

A Christian Voice survey of the roads showed massive constructions going on, but some of the villagers complained that the constructions had lingered longer than necessary.

Speaking to our team of reporters, Evangelist Nick Chibundu said that the state of roads in Ikeduru East, comprising Amakohia and Owu is terribly bad that people pass through Mbaise to get to the state capital.

Evangelist Chibundu, who resides in Ikeduru, said that the local government had been cut into two by bad roads, adding that several appeals had gone to the state government in that regard but there has been no response.

Chibunna, incharge of St. Mark’s (Ang) Church Atta, commended the administration of Owelle Rochas Okorocha but urged it to extend the gesture to Ikeduru East.

Sir Evans Osunkwo, a retired teacher residing in Owerri, also commended Governor Okorocha for the massive roads rehabilitation in the rural areas, including his hometown Orlu.

Osunkwo, however, urged the government to speed up the projects.

He said that some contractors had been working on some of the roads in his home town   since the inception of the Okorocha administration.

He wondered why they have been a lot of delay in completing them so that his people would have some respite.

In addition, he complained that construction work going on in his home town have also affected power supply as some electric poles were uprooted in the early stages of the work.

Chief Andy Ogu who spoke for Mbaitoli local government area, particularly Mbieri, said that his village in Mbieri was yet to feel the impact of the road rehabilitation programme of the present administration in the state.

He also condemned the long neglect of Ogwa where bulldozers have begun work on some roads but, at the same time, rendered them impassible.

When our reporters visited Aboh Mbaise, Mr Luke Eche said that but for the constituency projects programme of Chief Emeka Ihedioha which captured the road that ran through his village, Ibeku Okwuato, no other road had been speedily completed.

He pointed out the road linking Aboh Mbaise Headquarters to Owerr-Umuahia, road, through Enyiogugu, and called  for the completion of the project as it has inconvienced the people for long. Eche lamented the LG system that has been rendered impotent.

ImoStategovernment had  promised to complete the projects before the return of holiday makers for the 2013. Christmas season.

However, another citizen of the state from Mbaitoli,  Elder Joseph Eze said the deplorable condition of Nkwor-Orji Orie Mbieri road in the local government area has affected the developmental activities of the area and hindered its economic progress.  He called on the State Governor to see Mbieri as one of the towns that voted massively for him and should be adequately compensated.  He also reminded the governor that Mbieri loves him hence he enjoys the absolute loyalty and support of Mbieri people.

He called on the governor to give Mbieri people an all season road.

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