Fast foods cause untimely death -Solad

Nigerians have been advised to depend less on fast food and live more on the naturals with rich nutrients essential for life and growth.

Ahiazu Mbaise LGA Sole Administrator, Mrs. Grace Iwuchukwu gave the advice in a one-day public health seminar organized by the Imo State Local Government Service Commission (LGSC), Owerri in conjunction with the LG for all categories of workers at the Council Headquarters, Afor Oru.

She decried the mad rush for processed tinned and packaged foods which she observed has contributed greatly to preventable diseases and untimely deaths.

Mrs. Iwuchukwu, represented by the area chairman, Nigerian Union of Local Goverment Employees (NULGE), Comrade Anselm Igbokwe thanked the LGSC for being sensitive to the welfare and health needs of workers, urging the staff to put what they learnt in the seminar to good use and improve on their lifestyles.

In his lecture tagged “Take Charge of your Life: A Natural Approach to Healthy Living, Sharing Health, Long Life and Wealth,” the resource person, Mr. Simon Aladunpali of  Green World Group USA emphasized on balance diet and regular physical exercise for quality health.

He encouraged people to take more fruits – banana, water melon, cucumber, paw-paw, pineapple, and vegetables as well as foods like local beans, rice, plantain, oil bean (ugba), bread fruit (ukwa) and cocoa-yam  (ede) to remain sound in health.

Mr. Aladunpali cautioned against tobacco smoking, drinking too much alcohol, high-fat or low fibre diets, fried foods and red meats, stressing need for all to be conscious of his/her weight to avert arthritis, hypertension, obesity, cancer, diabetes, ulcer, poor eye sight, goitre, infertility, stroke and cardio vascular diseases.




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