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Where are we heading to? By Rev Ray Onukwugha (JP)

An all-wise creator put man on this earth.

Former British Prime Minister, Winstor Churchhill, at a time, told the American Congress that “There is a purpose being worked out here below”. Of course, he implied that a higher power above (that is God the creator) is working out this purpose.

It is possible that the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent God, who created man in His own image and likeness, would have no purpose for doing this?

Are we in this world to “smash and grab” all the wealth, make all the name, exercise all the power (religious and political) and finally die off.

Definitely no!

Did the creator design and make man as he is, with such tremendous intellect and mind powers, yet so helpless before all his problems – sin, illiteracy, disease, poverty, crime, corruption, wars and death?

Genesis 1:28 tells us that God blessed Adam and Eve and told them to multiply and fill the earth and subdue it (that is to have dominion over all God’s creation on earth) verse 31 says that God looked over all that He had made and it was excellent is every way.

Why has God’s excellent creation become the opposite?

When man lost his dominion to the devil, he also lost the purpose for his creation.  Ever since then, man has continued to be destructive to himself and his environment.

His creative, scientific and inventive powers have been channeled into destructive ends.

Man learned how to organize people into cities, groups and nations, but to what purpose? He organized them into armies and set out to conquer to destroy and to acquire by taking what belongs to others. He discovered iron and uranium and made guns and bombs with them.

A philosopher once said that it was his belief that everything man’s hand ever touched of God’s creation, man has polluted, befouled, besmirched and ruined.  That statement, made over sixty years ago, is today proven to be right.

We are now confronted with a frightening fact and that is that any one of several heads of nations could plunge the world into a nuclear world war 3 that could erase all human life from the earth.

America, Russia, France, Germany, China, Israel and many other countries have large arsenals of nuclear weapons.  Iran and North Korea are bent on developing their own nuclear stockpiles. Man has progressed to the point where he is about to destroy himself, because he was continued to tamper with forces of nature that he lacks the knowledge and ability to control.

There is no peace in the world. All nations seek and strive for peace yet none finds it.  Rather they have war. Why?  Because the world has continued to pursue false values.

The United Nations Organization is anything but united.  With injustice, greed and selfishness in the heart of every member state how can they be united?

The way of peace can only be found in the Holy Bible.  It contains that basic, fundamental knowledge, which is otherwise, inaccessible to man.

Our Lord, Jesus Christ came from heaven to earth to show us the way of love and peace.  The world rejected it and therefore will continue to have war.

With the onslaught of natural disasters (earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, cyclones) ravaging many parts of the world today and nuclear stockpiles in many countries of the world, man must embrace the way of love and peace by embracing the gospel of salvation by Christ.

Man must put an end to war, or war will put an end to man.


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