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APGA sure of victory – Gov. Obi By Our Reporter

Outgoing Governor of Anambra State, Mr Peter Obi has lambasted APGA opponents for castigating the party for endearing itself to the people of Anambra State through its people-oriented programmes which earned the party the massive support of the people.  ‘No amount of propaganda and mudslinging will rob APGA of its well deserved victory’ he said.

Faulting the calls by APC and their allies to have  yesterday’s rescheduled elections cancelled, Governor Obi denied that APGA rigged the November 16 governorship polls in the state, saying “it is actually those who rigged the election that are shouting the most.

Governor Obi who was answering reporters questions at a ceremony in Abuja said the ACP group and its allies will never win even if you repeat the election 10 times. “Go to the people of Anambra State and find out” he added.

According to him, “in the Anambara’s case it is 14 local governments that make up the two third and only APGA can boast of that because we won in 18 local governments.  The nearest, which is PDP, won only in nine local governments, APC he said won only in seven. ‘ I can tell you that even those results they are shouting about, their own are those that are doubtful,” Obi revealed.

He made it clear to opponents of his party that “everything APGA is real, I cannot be pay of rigging, I don’t have money to party for rigging”. Yesterdays rescheduled election will prove that APGA owns Anambra State.

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