Police boss cries over sale of innocent babies in Imo

The Imo State Police Commissioner , Muhammad Katsina said no crime has ever moved him to tears in his entire life as a professional crime fighter like that of the presence of baby factories in Imo State.

Katsina who spoke in an emotion laden voice during a book launch in his honour  titled “Crime in Nigeria, the Role Of The Police: Muhammad Katsina As A Role Model,” stressed that it pain him each time he arrested women trading their babies like commodities.

He regretted that the babies being sold, who were supposed to be the future leaders of the country have their future short-circuited in the illicit trade of baby factory .

“What weighs me down is not the exchange of gunfire with criminals every day, but the trading of babies like common commodities. I am moved to tears when I see especially  a day-old baby sold like tomatoes. What crime have the defenseless babies committed?

“They are supposed to be the future hope of this country , who would take over from us when we are gone. Let us leave a legacy for them. Time for revolution would come of which those in the act would regret,” Katsina lamented.

Speaking at the occasion , the co author of the book , Professor Nathan Protus Uzoma, disclosed that he was inspired to write the book considering the achievements of the CP within a short time he arrived the state.

He lauded his proactive measures of combating crime in the state, stressing that it has worked tremendously as the state is rid of criminals.

Uzoma noted that Katsina was successful because he was able to study the state psychologically before taking on the criminals.

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