Xmas shocker: Fake Dollars used for thanksgiving By Ken Douglas

The congregation of a church in Mbieri, Imo State, got the shocker of their lives when the priest in charge announced that some fake US dollars were used for thanksgiving during one of the church’s activities during the 2013 yuletide.

The priest who displayed the fake currencies to the congregation last Sunday said that the church authorities were highly embarrassed at the discovery.

It was, however, the first time such an incident had been reported in the church.

The priest declared that he had forgiven those who committed such an abomination at the harvest thanksgiving of the church.

He, however, warned those concerned not to indulge in such an act to avoid the wrath of God.

The cleric thanked members of the church who made genuine offerings and donations towards the growth of the church and prayed God to continue to bless them.


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