March convention: Imo govt pledges support to Knights By Emma Onumah

The Government of Imo State has re-stated its preparedness to assist the Owerri Council of Knights of St. Christopher, to host the forthcoming National Convention of all the Anglican Knights and Ladies in the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, scheduled to hold from Thursday 20th to Sunday 23rd March, 2014.

The Deputy Governor of the State, Prince Eze Madumere, MFR who repeated the promise through his Principal Secretary, Sir Obinna Aharanwa at this year’s Chapter Meeting of the Owerri Council of Knights of St. Christopher, held last Saturday at the Cathedral Church of the Transfiguration of Our Lord (CATOL), reassured the Council of the Government’s support towards the successful hosting of the first-ever national convention, and for which he directed the Principal Secretary to keep a regular contact with the Convention Planning Committee so as to note the areas of desired assistance to the Council.

In his own comment, the Chairman of the occasion, Chief E.G. Iwuanyanwu, noted that membership of the Order is a privilege which, according to him, calls for them, as Knights and Ladies, to always watch and pray, to defend the Christian Faith.

Chief Iwuanyanwu who is also a Knight of St. Christopher and also a member of the Owerri Council, further noted that the nation, Nigeria, is one hundred years old this year and is also marking the centenary celebration with several activities.

He, however, expressed sadness about the political state of affairs in the country today, especially as it concerns “Ndi Igbo”, and what they passed through during the Nigeria/Biafra Civil War more than forty years ago.

According to him, the on-going Boko Haram insurgency in some parts of the northern state of Nigeria is nothing but a calculated related religious war, which the perpetrators use to slaughter non-Muslims, particularly the Igbo’s, adding that if President Jonathan is relieved from his post today, the Boko Haram crises would stop instantly, He congratulated the Presidents of the Council, Sir Israel Ekezie and Lady Dr Pamela Njemanze, for their able leadership of the Council and wonderful presentation of their respective presidential addresses.

Earlier in his presidential address, the President of the Council, Sir Israel Ekezie had called on the politicians of the various parties in the country to watch how they talk and behave, so that the future of this country would not be mortgaged on the alter of selfishness, greed, and tribalism.

Sir Israel Ekezie who is also the current President-General of the Joint Council of Knights, JCK, Owerri Ecclesiastical Province, expressed disappointment with the way and manner politicians in this country (Nigeria) play politics, as though it is designed to be a dirty game and hoped that it would one day be cleaned up if only the players (the politicians) are prepared to make a difference.

He posited that leadership in the church is a very weighty responsibility, noting that as a leader in the church or in society, one must be approachable, patient, readily accessible, self-disciplined, and knowledgeable in the Word of God.

In her own address, the President of the Ladies, Lady Dr Pamela Njemanze expressed worry about how some of the Ladies in the Order attend the Council’s events irregularly without cogent explanations, adding that, while some of the widowed ladies continue to enjoy fellowship with them, some others appeared to have abandoned the Council and even the Anglican Communion.

She reminded the Ladies that the Knighthood of St. Christopher is an Order and that members must comply with regulations including discipline, quarrelling, respect for seniority, wearing appropriate uniform and maintaining cordial relationship.

According to the Ladies President, there is need for all of them to realize that they are at all time under scrutiny by the general public in all their activities, adding that the consciousness and awareness of these challenges would enable them double their efforts in order to make a difference.

Highlight of the Chapter Meeting was the awards given to nineteen officers of the Council, in appreciation of their relentless services to the Order, some of whom had served the Order for more than ten years.

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