Watch your tongues – President, Council of Knights warns politicians

Nigerian politicians once again got a bashing of their lives as Knights and Ladies of St. Christopher in the Anglican Diocese of Owerri held their 2014 chapter at the Cathedral Church of the Transfiguration of Our Lord, (CATOL) Owerri, Imo State.

Delivering his Presidential Address at the 2014 Chapter meeting, the president of Council of Knights, Sir Israel Ekezie, pleaded with the politicians to watch how they talk and behave to avoid mortgaging the country’s future on the altar of selfishness, greed and tribalism.

He told the politicians who, he said, are always driven by selfishness, to make a difference in the politics of the nation, adding that no one should expect that the ills of Nigeria would disappear overnight when the country is given to All Progressives Congress (APC), Labour Party or any other party whatsoever.

The address which centered on this year’s theme, “let us make a difference,” urged Christians not only to get involved in the governance of the nation but also to regard such a task as a sacred call and, hence, make a difference.

“God must be first with us always. Our nation, our families, our village, our home church, our own lives must take a second place.  When God comes first, he will help us to make a difference,” he said.

It was his belief that it is possible to make a difference in politics, and that politics is a clean game, contrary to the general impression that it is dirty.

He regretted that when people referred to someone as “not a good politician”, they meant that the one does not tell lies, does not promise to build bridges where there is no river, does not plan to eliminate a political opponent or does  not know how to rig elections.

“But it is possible to play politics without these negatives of only we decide to make a difference in the way we go about it,” he said.

He also called on church leaders, businessmen, as well as knights and ladies to always make a difference.

Stating that church leadership is a weighty responsibility, the president of the knights listed qualities a church leader must possess, such as being approachable, patient, readily accessible, self disciplined and knowledge of the word of God.

He reminded ministers of God that God is not interested in their ability to speak grammar but in the examples they lay down for their followers.

Sir Ekezie urged church leaders to, as St. Paul puts it, live a blameless life, be faithful to his wife and children, not be rebellious, or a heavy drinker, not violent or dishonest with money, neither arrogant nor quick tempered.

He reminded the knights that they were soldiers of Christ expected to make a difference rather that being uncommitted, ceremonial knights and backsliders.

The report featured a review of the activities of the knights and ladies in the previous year.

The meeting which began January 31, ended last Sunday, February 2.

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