Igbos have no political future -Royal father

A traditional ruler in Imo state has predicted a bleak political future for the Igbos unless they float an acceptable political platform through which they can dialogue with other ethnic nationalities.

Eze Orisakwe Egbukole, the Ochoronma V of Egbu Autonomous Community in Owerri North Local Government Area, said that the Igbo nation needs such a platform on which they can negotiate for national relevance, like other major tribes in the country.

Eze Egbukole, who spoke exclusively to Christian Voice at the weekend, lamented that the lack of this veritable political platform is responsible for the present miserable state of affairs in the South-East geo-political zone.

He said the greatest undoing of Ndigbo was lack of patience, selfishness, greed and lack of political will.

He denied that traditional rulers in the state have become willing tools and puppets in the hands of any government in power but pointed out that traditional rulers are supposed to support government but offer constructive criticism in the event of misrule.

Ochonma V of Egbu Ancient Kingdom commended President Goodluck Jonathan for constituting the committee on national conference.  According to him, the national conference, if well organized, would solve the myriad of problems confronting Nigeria.

The erudite scholar of international history said that the sons and daughters of   the community are forbidden from accepting any form of chieftaincy title.

According to him, it is an age-long tradition, even before the advent of the British colonialism.  The understanding was that the kingdom is not given to fantasy and flamboyance.

Eze Egbukole maintained that no matter how highly placed a son or a daughter married within Egbu autonomous community might be, he or she cannot accept any chieftaincy title.

He said the 6th richest African is from Egbu, who has interests is banking and communications, yet he is addressed simply as Mr Paschal Dozie.  If you address him as a chief, he will not respond.  But when asked to comment on the former Aviation Minister, Chief Kema Chikwe who is a daughter of Egbu married in Emekuku, Egbukole said “whence our daughters are married outside Egbu, they are let off the hook”.

Eze Egbukole also said that the Egbu ancient kingdom is a dynasty and its stool is never contested for, because  it is hereditary.

The first traditional ruler, Chief Egbukole Okorafor, he said was installed by colonial masters in 1896, 18 years before amalgamation at northern and southern protectorates by Lord F. Luggard in 1914, and since then Egbukole family has been sitting on the throne.

On the C.G.C. Eze Egbukole said that the 4th tier is the best next alternative to communal administration since for years the Local government system has not impacted on the lives of the rural dwellers. The major problem confronting the C.G.C., according to him is lack of office accommodation and other infrastructure.

He eulogized the rescue government of Owelle Rochas saying it has achieved so much within a short period of time, especially in the area of infrastructural development.

On the 2015 general elections, the royal father said the situation leaves much to be desired, especially in the midst of the present mass defections and counter defections.

On the stand of Ndigbo come 2015, Eze Egbukole said that the people will speak at the appropriate time, adding that the republican nature of Ndigbo requires their leaders to consult widely with them before taking certain decisions.



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