Lent, time for self-withdrawal -Bishop By Emma Onumah

The period of Lent has been described as a time for any Christian to take stock of his/ her activities as well as a time to resort to self-denial of many pleasures of life. It is also time to learn something about one’s relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Anglican Bishop of Owerri, Rt Rev Cyril .C. Okorocha Ph. D, who gave this explanation while fielding questions on the “Meaning and Message of Lent” in the Heartland FM Radio Programme. “Evangelical Hour”, further posited that Lent is also a time for self-withdrawal, in an attempt to understand the will of God in one’s life, adding that, for one to get it right, one must bring God into one’s life and must also start it right.

Bishop Okorocha asked all Christians to use the Lenten season to review their life-style and to find time to seek God’s face, for the forgiveness of their sins and their foolish ways.

Speaking on the issues of miracles and visions, he warned that any vision that contradicts the teaching of God and set-out rules is an aberration and should not be taking serious, adding that miracles should not fall out of order nor make one to do what one was not supposed to do as a follower of Christ.

The Prelate also noted that one could get the best side of God in the midst of silence in His presence, making a joyful noise in praise and worship.

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