What type of husband are you?

I got this inspiration from Omale Sule’s post on 2nd March 2014. Omale Sule is a friend on facebook. Read and have fun and also learn from the classifications.

Bachelor husband: Does things on his own without consulting wife. Hangs out a lot with his friends more than his wife. Not serious about married life.

Acidic husband: He is always boiling like acid and always angry violent, moody, dominating and very dangerous.

Superior Husband: Wants to be treated like a King and treats wife like a slave. Likes wife to perform old traditions of kneeling to serve him and calling him “My Lord” or “Onye nwem.” Hates being called by his first name. Never praises the wife’s food but brags before her that she cannot beat his mother’s delicacies.

Slave Husband: Allows the wife to use him like a slave. Does the cooking and house chores while the wife paints her nails and watches Nollywood.

Everything is okay by me husband: Does not talk. Does not make inputs in family decisions, approves everything the wife brings up and yet criticizes other men for being too weak in handling their families.

“Oka Nma Na ezi husband:” Can make peace for other couples, gives sound advice that works to others on how to run their families but has his own family in disarray.

General husband: Husband for every woman. Loves and cares for girlfriends more than his wife. Likes giving money to girlfriends and has more female friends.

Dry husband: Very moody and stingy; doesn’t consider wife’s emotions and doesn’t make the relationship enjoyable. Has no sense of humor.

Panadol husband: Uses wife as problem solver only loves wife when needing something from her. Is clever and knows wife’s weaknesses and capitalize on that to get relief from wife. Parasite husband: Lazy and only loves wife for the sake of money. Uses wife’s money on girlfriends. Does not have initiative and does not help wife with house responsibilities.

Baby husband: Irresponsible and childish and cannot make decisions on his own without asking his mother or relatives; compares wife to relatives and runs to them always, especially when something goes wrong.

Visiting husband: Not always at home. Comes home like a visitor. Provides the family with all material needs but has no time for them.

Caring husband: Caring and loving. Provides both material and emotional needs and also makes time for the family. Takes care of his in-laws, guides home spiritually. Very responsible and treats wife as partner and helper.

In-laws Controlled husband: The In-laws especially his mother in-law is the chief executive of the marriage. The in-laws run the home. Where the man has a lot of money, they manage and keep it for him. Where the man is poor, they feed and use him like their errand boy.

Facebook Husband: Always on Facebook and clutching to his phone and has no time for the wife.

Premier League Husband: Always crazy about football especially the English Premier league, but never crazy about the wife.

Laptop-Academic husband: Always on the laptop and busy writing academic paper.

Mean husband: will visit the best Doctor at the slightest illness but takes wife to the chemist if she falls sick.

Insensitive Husband: Brags of how men subjugate and demean women. Tells the wife to her face that women are only but useless dish rag fit only for procreation.

Unlovely husband: Plays with his kids, takes matters concerning them seriously and urgently. He hardly smiles or plays with the wife.

Sex husband: Remembers to say nice things to her once he wants to have her and that is the only time he remembers there is a woman in the house.

Newspaper husband: Always reading the newspaper and fails to read the wife.

Television Husband: Spends a considerable time watching the television especially pornography or CNN, but fails to give the wife a romantic glance.

Ultra selfish husband: Takes care of his own parents and immediate relations but does not want anything to do with the wife’s parents and relatives. Buys dresses, shoes and other gift items for his sisters and mother but hardly buys any for the wife. This type of husband expects the wife to buy these things with her salary.

Stingily-shrewd husband: Never gives the wife bulk sum for the family up keep. Gives out paltry sums as need arises and will demand change from the wife after giving her twenty Naira to buy fifteen Naira worth of match sticks.

Dear men, what type of husband are you? Dear Ladies, What type of husband do you want?


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