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Gay rights and Greek gifts By Rich Odu

The Western world came smoking hot when President Goodluck Jonathan assented to the National Asssembly bill prohibiting acts of homosexuality and same-sex marriage. Indeed, the law criminalized homosexualism, recommending stiff penalties on anyone found engaging in the despicable act.

Just as the law was taking effect in Nigeria, President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, who had once prevaricated over a similar bill, signed a law that recommended what is seen as the toughest sanctions among its kind in the entire African continent.

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe, whose country also frowns against gay marriage and lesbianism, taunted America’s President Barrack Obama, asking him to come over and be married to him if he thought it was okay for a man to marry a fellow man.

Yaya Jammeh of Guinea called the bluff of the West, condemning same-sex marriage in strong terms.  Only South Africa, among African nations acquiesced in the abhorrent gale that is threatening to blow away the little spirituality remaining in the world today.  And some say the innocence of South Africa had long been violated by the funny Caucasians.

All these serve as indications of the level of anger the Africans have against homosexuality which has already taken root in the Western world with stunning impunity.

In reaction to the abject rejection of the Satanic act, the West are threatening to withdraw aids to African countries.  Some are even considering to “unfriend” Nigeria and other African countries averse to gay people, in other words, severe relations with such countries. When Nigeria’s anti-gay law came into existence, Canada cancelled an already scheduled visit to Nigeria. Their argument was that Nigeria, being a signatory to the United Nations human rights treaty, should abide by it and allow gay people to practise their habit unhindered.

If America, Britain and their allies should go ahead to carry out their “no gay no aid” threat, Africa must be grateful for this and see it as an opportunity to, once and for all times, cut off the apron strings and work towards achieving the needed economic independence that has eluded it for ages.

Advocates of gay rights have continued to advance various arguments, including playing upon the sentiment of minority oppression, just to condemn the criminalization of the act.  One undisputed truth, however, is that being gay is an anathema and conflicts so sharply with the configurations of man as fabricated by God Himself.  No matter how hard we try to fuse them, like poles of a magnet would always repel rather than attract. So also would protons or electrons remain unstable when isolated except they are united to form the atom.

Again, we look at animals and birds and other living beings. When it is time to procreate, the male and female would always come together.  Would man be different?  We must realize that only one being would want to work against the configurations of the Almighty God – satan. Should we allow it to succeed?  Like Jesus Christ, we must ask it in strong terms to get behind us, indeed get behind bars!

The apologists of gayness say it is not a crime because a crime has a victim, that no one is hurt when homosexuals commit their act.  They may well be reminded that not all crimes have immediate victims, or rather, one could be the victim of his own crime, otherwise smoking of Indian hemp and indulgence in other drugs would not have been outlawed.  So also are nudity in public palces, suicide and the like.

The senseless push for gay rights prompted its criminalization in Nigeria as it was feared that this act from the pit of hell would one day get the better part of the younger ones who would erroneously see it as a normal thing rather than an aberration. Bad apples that tend to spoil the bunch are better kept aside.

Gay rights activists rank the offence among divorce, adultery, fornication which they acknowledge that the Bible abhors but are not criminalized. And they forget that it was one reason enough for God to decide to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, sparing no one.  It would be wrong for sane people to look the other way in the name of human rights and allow the perverts to turn the world upside down, causing another Sodom and Gomorrah to happen. If God saw it as a sin punishable by death and destruction, why not man? The anti-gay law is necessary as it would save today’s Abraham the stress of being solicitor and advocate for reckless mankind.

As if in fulfillment of the end-time prophecy, Western countries have stretched their compromise too far, removing God in their affairs in the name of human rights.  We hope that one day armed robbers would not pick up placards and ask for right to operate unhindered. To guard against this scenario and protect the human sanctity, Africa needs to teach the West some lessons even at the cost of saying to hell with their aids which, at best, qualify to be seen as Greek gifts.




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