Political Prostitutes of Nigeria Unlimited By Emmanuel AC Orji

For some time now, political prostitutes have taken centre stage in the political arena in Nigeria as the train to 2015 moves, gathers speed and goes into overdrive.

Politicians of Party A decamp to Party B and vice-versa and some again decamp from their new-found party to their original Party in moves and counter moves that give the impression that politicians have gone mad in their bid for the actualization of their selfish ambition of money making via the looting of the public treasury.

This new trend of political events raises the question: are there differences between the Nigerian political parties?

The answer to the above question is clear and unmistakable namely, that in Nigeria, there is no difference between the political parties: that politicians join political parties as a platform to gain public office for the sole aim of looting public fund at local, state and federal government level – nothing more, nothing less and nothing else. As election dates approach, politicians are busy speculating over which party has the greatest chances of winning the election and so they join the one they adjudge to be the winning party. And indeed, after results of elections are announced, politicians flock into the winning party in order to benefit selfishly from the government in power. That was how a non-existent party derived its name: ANY GOVERNMENT IN POWER (AGIP), to which all opportunist-politicians belong.

In Britain, each of the three main political parties, the Conservative Party, The Labour Party and The Liberal Party has published a book in which its philosophy is well articulated for the information and guidance of the British people. So the British are never in doubt over what each party stands for. Members of the parties know this and join them accordingly. People do not join party A today and decamp to join Party B or C the next day as is now happening in Nigeria.

It does appear that Nigerian politicians, taking advantage of an ignorant and very poor and hungry electorate, do whatever they like, believing that they can always buy the Nigerian voter. What is needed now is voter education to ensure that voters exercise their right and power. From the above analysis, there is no difference between the political parties of Nigeria. Therefore, Nigerian voters should vote for the individual candidate rather than for the party. Because the candidates live among the people, the people are in a position to judge their character and vote for them on their merit. If they offer money to a voter, the voter should accept the money but vote for the candidate of his choice without qualms because the money that the politician is paying for your vote is invariably looted public fund that belongs to the voter. This is what the voter should do in 2015 to bring back sanity to the polity. If voters exercise their power as suggested in this article, it will not be long before sanity will return to the polity. And if that happens, people who should never have been in politics will soon get away from it. May God grant the early arrival of that day. It is possible if the Nigerian electorate make necessary effort. After all, God helps those who help themselves and that is why the answer to our prayer is largely the echo of our resolve.

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