Archbishop calls for regenerated Christians

Archbishop Emeritus and Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Orlu, Most Rev. Bennett C.I. Okoro PhD (JP) has called on Christians to be regenerated as they celebrate this year’s Easter today.

Archbishop Okoro gave the charge in a statement on the significance of Easter.

Archbishop Okoro said that Easter, with the coming of Christianity, is a word used to denote the anniversary of the resurrection of Christ.

In the 2nd century AD and later, according to him, there was considerable diversity and debate over the date of Easter but added that it was not the main issue since Christians now commemorate the passion, year by year, on a Friday and the resurrection on a Sunday, that is Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

The prelate reminded Christians that it signifies that “through the Paschal mystery we have died and been buried with Him in baptism, so that we may rise with Him to a new life within the family of His Church”.

He said although Christmas is the most celebrated Christians holiday, Easter is by far the most important event in the life of Christ, for He died for the sins of mankind, was buried and the third day rose again from the dead for our justification, adding that founders of world religious died, decayed without resurrection, their bodies saw corruption, but that Jesus the founder of Christianity gave out His life and took back the same, death couldn’t hold Him.

Archbishop Okoro maintained that by His Death, Resurrection and Ascension, He disarmed principalities and powers and made a public show of them and triumphed over them.

The prelate admonished Christians not to fear forces of darkness, satanic agents, witches and wizards.

He then call on Nigerian Christians to retune their lives urging the swindlers, armed robbers, kidnappers and all who make life difficult for people to remember that Christ died for them.

He called on Christians to co-operate with the government to make our state economically viable by making it conducive for investors without security breaches—

“For one to say Holy Ghost Fire, yet no experience of infilling by the Holy Spirit is mockery.  For one to celebrate Christmas and Easter every year yet remains un-regenerated and unsaved, this is one of the suicide missions any living soul will commit while living  in this world, the Paschal lamb has been slain, no sacrifice for sin again” he said.

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