Jonathan inaugurates industrial revolution

President Goodluck Jonathan has identified industrial revolution as one of the ways through which he can lift Nigerians out of poverty.

President Jonathan made this disclosure while inaugurating the Presidential Advisory Committee on Industrial Revolution Plan in the Presidential Villa

He said with proper planning, industrial revolution will lift 200 million Nigerians out of poverty the same way China lifted over 500 million of its citizens out of poverty.

The president commended the organized private sector for a successful outing on the World Economic Forum on Africa, adding that no country has become prosperous only by extracting and exporting its raw materials.

He said to accomplish this; Nigeria must do things differently, insisting that Nigeria must begin to add value to its resources through research development.

President Jonathan also warned that Nigeria must industrialise advising that the Nigerian Industrialisation Revolution Plan is the agenda to achieve this.

He said that the committee must serve as a platform to get the inputs of the best industrialists in the country, because the existing investors in Nigeria are best placed to articulate the expansion of strategic industrial sectors.

The Federal Government is confident that this plan will quicken the industrialisation of Nigeria and create many more jobs and wealth for its citizens.

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