Leave Rochas alone -Aide tells TA Orji

There have been some media reports with some of them captioned “Abia unhappy with Imo over returned civil Servants.” In the referenced reports, the Abia State Governor, Chief Theodore Orji had, through his Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Charles Ajunwa accused Governor Okorocha of not absorbing the indigenes of Imo state who were sacked from Abia State by his government.

The Abia state Governor also accused Governor Okorocha of sacking about 2,133 Abia indigenes from Imo Civil Service and that the Abia government had since absorbed those concerned.

First and foremost, it is now obvious that the Abia governor has taken it as a state policy to be attacking Governor Okorocha on the pages of the newspapers for no acceptable reason and he seems to be deriving a lot of relief from that.

The truth of the matter is that, since 2011 when Governor Okorocha was elected the Governor of Imo State he has never thought of sacking anybody from the state civil service on the ground of where the person comes from, talk more sacking 2,133 Abia indigenes.

The Abia state governor knows, like every other Nigerian, which the allegation was neither here nor there, and he came up with it as a defense mechanism even when his action of sacking his brothers and sisters from Imo state was indefensible abinitio.

Governor Okorocha is too large-hearted and too broadminded, and even too exposed to engage in such petty action of sacking workers because they were from other states,^ including Abia. A man who has schools in other parts of the country running free education could not have condescended so low to start sacking workers because of where they came from

Governor Okorocha would have also been contradicting himself if after a;i his concerted efforts to unke the Igbos, which have begun to bear fruits, he would again embark en action that could b3 divisive among the same people.

Governor Okorocha has no problem with his brother Governor in Abia. And one can not remember what is the problem between the two governors who should be their brother’s keeper, except ihat when Ojukwu’s corpse was brought to Aba stadium sometime ago, the Abia indigenes present booed at their Governor and hailed governor Okorocha. That was all. It was not Okorocha that did that.

Unfortunately, the Abia governor has been holding that against his brother. Hence, his stoppage of an ordinary reception organized for his brother governor in Aba sometime ago with security agents.

The Abia Governor also demonstrated that animosity during the alleged attack on the convoy of the Senate President, Senator David Mark few months ago, in which case the Abia governor hurriedly found governor Okorocha and his government guilty of the attack only to discover later that the incident happened several kilometers away from the territory of Imo State.

On the workers’ day incident, during the march past, the displaced workers of Imo indigenes from Abia joined and when they got where Governor Okorocha was taking the salute they stopped and refused to move again. Governor Okorocha appealed to them to leave and assured them that he would look into their matter. And even apologized to them on behalf of the Abia Governor. And the media reported as such.

So, it is surprising that the Abia governor would be reacting to the May I incident as reported, in a manner he did, and even with false claim that Governor Okorocha sacked 2,133 Abia indigenes from Imo state. Nigerians should please note that the claim was totally false.

And we want to appeal at this point to the Abia Governor, to develop love for his brother governor in Imo in lieu of hatred or in the alternative, leave the man alone.

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