Double taxation in Imo?

Motorists have protested what they see as double taxation in Imo State with regard to the recent introduction of the “M.O.T test certificates while the Roadworthiness certificate is in existence.

The MOT test certificate, issued by the Ministry of Transport, certifies motor vehicles fit to operate on the roads while the Roadworthiness Certificate is issued to motorists when they renew their vehicle papers at the Motor Licence Offices in the state.

One of the vehicle owners who spoke to Christian Voice said that it would appear like double taxation on the citizens if they are forced to pay for the same service at two different government offices.

While the Ministry of Transport issues the MOT Test Certificate at a fee of N3,500 renewable annually, the Imo State Government’s “Department of Transport” issues the Roadworthiness certificate, which is also renewable annually, at the rate of N2,000 through the Motor Licencing office.

Christian Voice learnt that the two certificates permit holders to operate vehicles on the road, having been declared roadworthy.

In Owerri, capital of Imo State, motorists are harassed by some people who present themselves as task force personnel in yellow overcoats.

They impound vehicles of motorists that do not possess M.O.T. Test certificate.

One of the victims of the task force men said that the situation should be rectified to avert a breakdown of law and order, especially as the law makes no distinction between Imo State-based motorists and fellow Nigerians just crossing Imo State.

“The Ministry of Finance under which the motor licensing office operates, should sort this matter out with the Ministry of Transport which controls the Vehicle Inspection Officers (VICs)” he said.



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