Adopt Job’s kind of faith in God -Bishop

Bishop Cyril C. Okorocha of the Anglican Diocese of Owerri has called on Christian men to be godly men of honour who are ready to uphold Biblical family values “in a world and nation at war and riddled with corruption”.

Rt. Rev. Okorocha PhD, who was addressing a conference of All Anglican Men’s Association (AAMA), admitted that to be a man of honour in today’s Nigeria is not easy, but asserted that it is “our calling and mission”.

Bishop Okorocha whose address was entitled “The Job motif: Gleenings from the life and experience of Job, drew several examples from the life of Biblical Job, saying that Job was not a get-rich-quick thief as is often the case in Nigeria today.

He also pointed out that Job was a loving and faithful husband and father who played the role of a priest in his home, a prophet and indeed a role model.

The Bishop said that “God is looking for a man, a Job, a man of honour whom he can use to rescue our church, rescue our nation, beginning from here today”.

He rhetorically asked participants “who is that man”? Could that be you – priest or lay?

The Bishop said that AAMA was formed to complement the Anglican Christian Fathers’ Fellowship (ACFF) and that both organizations would run concurrently. He charged the men to rise up and condemn evil as, according to him, “little lion will one day grow into a big monster.”




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