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APGA is party to beat in 2015 -Onuzo

The State Chairman of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Barr. Chudi Onugo, has affirmed that the party is better prepared now, eight months to the 2015 elections, than it was six weeks to the 2011 polls.

Barrister Onuzo who took up State Chairmanship of the party last September radiated hope for the party which suffered loss of members during the gale of defections in the country.

Fielding questions at an exclusive interview with Christian Voice newspaper recently, the party chairman said the surging crowd of supporters, even amongst those who had earlier ignorantly defected to the APC or PDP coming forward to purchase membership cards, was sufficient proof of his affirmation.

For instance, he pointed out apart from the known four gubernatorial aspirants, there are other willing aspirants, most of who have been making calls to him, making some inquiries regarding modalities for participation.

He said the defection of some of their members to the APC or PDP has not deterred the steady growth of the party as most of the decampees were returning en masse to the APGA.

His words: “There is mass exodus of APC members coming to APGA. For example, in Nwangele local government area, we have sold over 1,000 membership cards to decampees from APC and more are coming, asking for the cards, some of these are from other parties. Soon we will embark on mass registration of members.

Barrister Onuzo harped on paucity of fund as the major factor affecting the party, and called on party stalwarts to galvanize action to help the party grow by funding the “Igbo grassroots party”, the darling of Ndigbo.

He gave a swipe to the All Progressives Congress (APC) which, at its last convention in Abuja, did not allot any position to thwe people of the South East at the national level.

“This is an eye-opener to Igbos who are still in that party”, he quipped.

On the party’s numerical strength in the State House of Assembly, Onuzo, 69, said that apart from five solid members in that House, “there are some others who have not shown their real stand”.

He gave knocks to the legislature for its role in the suspension of APGA’s Barrister Greg Okemili from the House.

He described the action as unlawful and unconstitutional, and condemned how a man who had been in the Assembly for two and half years would be unseated when his matter was at the Supreme Court.

“The party’s position”, he said, was that “the decision to exclude him from the House was arbitrary, unlawful and unconstitutional” and this position “has been vindicated by his unconditional recall. Those who took that unlawful action and others who aided and abetted it, should hide their faces in shame,” Onuzo added.

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