Bishop advises Ndi-Igbo …Says they should discover what God has for them in Nigeria

A call has gone to Ndi-Igbo to try and discover what God has for them in this nation.

Making the call at a midweek service held at the Chapel of St. Mark the Apostle, Bishop’s Bourne, Diocese of Owerri, the Bishop, Rt. Rev. Cyril C. Okorocha, Ph.D, expressed disgust about the inability of Ndi-Igbo to know what God has for them in these perilous times, and asked God to give them time and opportunity to repent from their sinful ways.

Bishop Okorocha warned that Christians, particularly Ndi-Igbo, are somewhere around the end times and therefore needed to come to a place of repentance, adding that the more we hear the word of God without any repentance, the more we bring ourselves to judgement.

He stressed the need for the Anglican faithful in the Diocese, to intensify their prayers for our families and ministers of God in the Diocese, some of whom, he said, have resorted to stealing church money, getting involved in sexual immortality and other unwholesome acts, including consulting native doctors, thus constituting themselves as “Judas” of our time, as well as playing the role of “double agents”, while discharging their priestly duties.

The Prelate, however, expressed the hope that God is still in control, as he would not allow the kingdom of hell to prevail, but warned Christians to try and clean up themselves and to avoid them trappings of their unconvertible background to hinder their worship to God.

Earlier in his homily, the Administrator of the Cathedral of Transfiguration of our Lord (CATOL) Owerri, Ven. Akajiaku Chukwuocha had warned Christians against deceitful desires in life.

Dr Chukwuocha who is also a senior Lecturer in the Survey Department of the Federal Univeristy of Technology, Owerri, noted that whatever “we do in life has a purpose, and to achieve the right purpose, we need to put off the old self in us and to replace it with the new life in Christ.

The Cathedral Administrator who made many bible references, in the course of the homily, noted that no one is tempted by God but that “each one is tempted by the deceitful desires in him, and as such, one should cleanse oneself of filthy desires, so as to be a vessel for honour and achieve noble purposes in life”.

As he further postulated: “If a man cleanses himself of his selfish purpose, what God would do for him is inestimable, and many more favours would be his portion,” citing the case of Nebuchadnezzar and Daniel in the Holy Bible, adding that the highest point of Christianity is being like God in true righteousness and holiness.

High point of the Eucharistic service was the special prayers said for the Clergymen in the Diocese, Christian Lawyers, and Traditional Rulers in the nation, particularly those in Imo State.


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