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How serious are PDP crowd of guber aspirants? By Davey Ozurumba

By unveiling the mask its avowed Charter of Equity the People Democratic Party, Imo State Chapter, has confirmed insinuations that the chapter is a mere clap-trap.

The varying climate of opinions about the POP shifting sand called Charter of Equity, ostensibly a desirable democratic memorandum of understanding, bolsters the presence of roomful of aspirants for the governorship slot.

While Owerri zone whose turn it is to produce governorship candidacy, is fielding about 18 aspirants, people are desirous of knowing who these aspirants are, their track records and their sincerity of purpose.

The fact that Owerri zone is poised to take its turn in that zoning arrangement should not be the reason to open the floodgate for all-comers.

It is pertinent also to ask: what qualifies people who should vie for seats in House of Assembly, now opt for guber slot? The same applies to other electoral positions like the Senate, House of Reps, and House of Assembly.

In this regard, one begins to pry into the character of some of the aspirants. When the defection gale was sweeping through the PDP to the newfangled All Progressives Congress (APC), it was rumoured that the Deputy Speaker in the House of Representatives, Chief Emeka Ihedioha was on his way to defecting to APC.

Although he denied the rumour, it is being pointed out by insiders that the Mbaise honourable member harbours some soft spots for APC Chieftain, and former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar. There are some others who people doubt their solid loyalty to the party on which platform they are vying for positions which, if they are elected, are likely to jump ship.

It is not unlikely also for one or two aspirants to explore the ‘cash and carry ‘”tactics to swim support only to turn round by withdrawing just to lend their support to the choice of their bosses in the party. Some of those in this category abound outside the Owerri zone, but are making waves around. This is a ploy to defraud the party.

Another category, described as ‘pussy cats’ can be located around political undertakers whose modus operandi is to jut out their necks by putting out ear-piece adverts in newspapers only to fizzle out after being settled by genuine aspirants. In this category are people who loathe squandering N10 million on a butterfly chase! Instead, they coax willing and generous minded aspirants to cough out a billion naira or two for them to leave the coast!

The task involved is enormous. To traverse the whole 27 local government areas of Imo State and 305 wards is no mean task,physically and fiscally.

Coming back to the so-called Charter of Equity, seen as the cannon of the democratic   spirit   which the   Imo   State   PDF Working   Committee gas smothered, it is not unlikely that subterrain an activities had been at play to-thwart the efforts of Owerri zone hopefuls.

The spoil-sports in the denunciation of Charter of Equity do not realize what harm they have inflicted on the party. Once begun, commonsense dictates that it has to go round the three zones of Okigwe, Orlu, and Owerri in that order before the thought of jettisoning the charter comes up.

If it is truncated mid-way as they have dared Owerri zone- the PDF leadership should go down memory lane when the party suffered electoral fissures as a result of a similar nonchalant approach to issues of grave concern.

It is unfortunate for the party in Owerri zone which had since clung to the essence of the Charter of Equity and which reserves the slot to the zone in 2015 governorship election, as the State Chapter of the party has categorically denounced the zoning of any elective position.

The measure is an ‘open-sesame’ for cash- and- carry’ business now being exploited by adroits in the political mercantile world.

Keep an eye on political undertakers out to ruffle the waters. But bet on Bright Nwanne and Ojenere, some of the serious minded aspirants.

It is suicidal to change gear on hilltop!

For the roomful of governorship aspirants who rushed out believing in Charter of Equity, it is a forlorn hope. For the unserious ones- they know themselves – Equity is not for the indolent!


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