Ohaji/Egbema Diocese ends synod …Condemns growing insecurity in Nigeria

The Anglican Diocese of Ohaji/Egbema, in Imo State, has ended the first session of its Second Synod, condemning the high level of insecurity in the nation.
In his address at the synod held at St. Paul’s Church Mgbirichi, Ohaji, the Diocesan, Rt. Rev. Chidi Collins Oparaojiaku, said the present insurgency in Nigeria is a gangup aimed at destabilizing the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan and painting the picture of Nigeria as a failed state.
According to him, the opposition, rather than the president, is the nation’s problem as they seek to climb to power by all means.
The kidnap saga and the menace of Boko Haram, as well as other cases of insurgency, he said, are all combined efforts of the devil to destabilize the country.
The Bishop blamed it all on corruption and failure of successive governments to provide quantitative education for children.
He observed that the government had shown little political will to deal decisively with corruption, adding that none of its perpetrators had been punished adequately after every probe.
The prelate noted that corruption is now endemic in Nigeria to the extent that the country now ranks among the 10 failed nations in Africa and the 14th in the world, according to the Fund For Peace (FFP).
He said that the global body had used criteria such as security apparatus, faction-alised elite, legitimacy of state, external intervention, poverty and economic decline, among other things.
Bishop Oparaojiaku condemned reckless display of wealth which could have been channeled to productive ventures such as agriculture, health and education.
He urged Christians to allow the Holy Spirit to direct whatever they do, in accordance to the theme of the synod. “Receive ye the Holy Spirit: (exploring the power behind every mission and transformed lives).
Whoever allows the Holy Spirit into him or her would be transformed, he said.


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