Stop these elephant projects -Former AG advises govts

A legal icon and senior advocate of Nigeria (SAN) Barr. D.C. DeNwigwe, has advised governments at all levels to always embark on projects designed to improve the living standard of the people.

Barr. De Nwigwe, who spoke recently to Christian Voice, also said that governments need to consult widely before taking decisions on issues that affect the people.

Expressing his views on some government projects in Imo State, Barr. De Nwigwe, who once served the state as Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, said that the city gates embarked upon by the present administration would need to be manned on completion.

According to him, the city gabs without anybody manning them for a living tantamount to economic waste.

He canvassed for the return of scholarship boards so that gifted children of poor background can enjoy free and qualitative education.

The legal luminary accused the rich of shortchanging the poor in the present free education scheme even when they can afford the best schools for their children.

He lamented the dearth of dignity of labour, especially among the youths, who have abandoned their trades and natural gifts and joined the scramble for free tertiary education, warning that not all are gifted for university or higher education.

A situation where tradesmen such as carpenters, bricklayers, masons and others now come from neghbouring African countries, according to him, leaves much to be desired. Barr. De Nwigwe, who spoke extensively on issues concerning the nation, warned Nigerian leaders to stop pretending as if all is well, noting that the nation is gradually sinking into a state of disorder.

He said that true patriotism and leadership by example remains the only way to achieve national re-integration and reconciliation.

The legal luminary who described members of the Islamic Sect, Boko Haram, currently terrorizing the country as “un-baptized infidels without any clear-cut agenda,” sought the use of modern equipment of warfare to contain their insurgency.

Barr. DeNwigwe stood for an indivisible sovereign state of Nigeria but leaves room for a break-up if efforts to make it possible fail.

On a single chamber legislature for the country, as canvassed by some members of the national conference, the former Chief Law Officer of Imo State said that a uni-cameral legislator might deny many sections of the country of effective and adequate representation.

He said that bi-cameral legislature remains the best, despite the cost, and that the resources of the country is capable of carrying it if well harnessed.


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