Commissioner testifies to God’s goodness at grandson’s baptism By Gid Ahanonu

The Imo State Commissioner for local government and Rural Development, Prof. Adaobi Obasi, has testified that her family’s strict adoption of Anglican tenets in bringing up their children had paid off tremendously.

She gave the testimony recently at the St. Mark’s Chapel, Bishop’s Bourne, Owerri during the baptism of her grandson, Master Jason Kamsiyochkwu Obasi.

The commissioner therefore, counseled parents to ensure that they did not abandon their children to their fate when they were young but to closely monitor and direct them aright, describing such as parent’s divine duties which attract God’s blessings eventually.

Corroborating his mother’s stand, the father of the baptized infant, Mr Nnamdi Obasi with his wife Shuan, contended that anyone who was not in the Lord would lose a lot.

He recounted numerous blessings he received from God, the climax being the gift of a baby boy as he enjoined Christians to strive to be truly in the Lord to fully enjoy his blessings.

Testifying, the God-parents of the child, Mr. Obiakam Onyirioha and Dr. Chidi Ahams rooted their acceptance to take up the assignment to the family of Obasi being associated with Christian life, assuring that they would maintain the baptismal vow till the child grows to adult stage.

Some of their family friends, who witnessed the ceremony performed by Ven. Zion Ngoka, were Lady Theresa Ekezie and Lady Pat Ezirim and others. There were testimonies of God’s grace from Rev. Emma Okorafor and Rev. Can. Igboasoiyi at the service.

Earlier in his sermon, the Bishop’s senior Chaplain and the Archdeacon of Christ Anglican Church Owerri, Ven. Zion Ngoka, counselled Christians to imbibe the culture of ecumenical worship in their homes which include the father, mother and children as salvation through Christian religion is not restricted to certain persons.

Narrating the story of the biblical Philippine Jailor, the preacher recalled that the Jailor on seeking salvation through Paul and Silas was asked to believe in the true Lord for he and his family to be saved. He then enjoined family heads not to exclude anybody in their families in terms of evangelism through the word and way of Christ, adding that the doctrine of infant baptism is truth, holiness and divine manifestation of the faith of our fathers.


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