NIGERIA: The making of a new nation with Rev. Canon Chike Samuelson

Where is Nigeria currently? How is she ranked in the comity of nations? How do they see Nigeria beyond her shores? Are Nigerians doing enough to grow this nation politically, culturally and economically? Are Nigerians sufficiently patriotic? Is Nigeria happy with herself?

The truth is that there are many questions about Nigeria begging for answers. There are many problems begging for solutions. There are many plunderers having their ways. There are many challenges to be surmounted. Indeed wherever you turn, there are complex and complicated distractions and entanglements waiting to be sorted out.

With nostalgia, many Nigerians await and long for the return of groundnut pyramids in the North, the cocoa miracle in the West and the palm oil greatness from the East. With these, many wonder how Nigeria could inspite of these past economic milestones degenerate into a mono-economy with petroleum as the mainstay of the Nigerian national economy.

How come such a nation with a great promise was allowed to stagnate for so long? The reasons for this are many, wide and varied. It includes a hurried political and socio-economic foundation for modern nationhood.

It includes a less than honest bequeathals by the colonial master. It included an inexperienced military as far as economic and political technocracy is concerned. It includes a three-year painful civil war. Besides this, major in the undoing of Nigeria is a long stretch of military involvement in governance and economic cum political administration.

The latter was supposed to cut tribalism, inequities nepotism, social injustice and mediocrity to size, but it rather promoted, consolidated and entrenched them. It made a highway for corruption to become a festering sore and national way of life at all levels. All these combined to destroy meritocracy and excellence. And the nation died!!!

These situations were further complicated because in the 30 years of the military in governance, except one, all the military heads of state were from the north. Helped by the political elites from the north they cornered huge socio-economic, political federal presence for the north. These include virtually all strategic military agencies and institutions.

Also the armed forces were mostly headed by the north. All these combined to give the north huge advantages which you cannot redress without a fight. This is natural. All these have contributed immensely to the challenges and problems which are starring Nigeria in the face. And we must face the fact that nobody corners political, military and economic advantages and gives them up easily.

This is an international phenomenon which realities are there for everyone to see, from Washington to Russia, from Algeria to South Africa, from London to New Zealand, from Paris to Rome, from Germany to Brazil. It is this kind of prevailing situation that leaves us with a United Nations Security Council with few permanent members. These dictate to other nations, directly and remotely.

Surely, there are many faulty elements in the historical and political foundation of Nigeria. There are many inequities in the face of which a few cabal have cornered our huge national commonwealth and heritage.

In the context of all these to let them stay will mean endangering the future greatness of Nigeria. Nobody who wishes Nigeria well would want the status quo to remain and subsist. These must be passionately and realistically addressed and redressed.

In the 21st century nobody wants to be anybody’s slave. Nobody wants to combine with others when so much is skewed against him or her. Nobody wants to play second fiddle. Nobody should insist on always dictating the terms for national partnership.

We need to build one big Nigeria by choice not by force. All the same, I feel convinced by one thing, namely, Nigeria is divinely destined to be one strong and indivisible and influential nation before the eschaton.

If we put tribe and tribal block sentiments aside, regional grand-standing aside, we can build a great Nigeria in which all the constituent parts will be happy and strong Nigeria can further evolve into the giant of Africa in reality-politically, economically, even in science, technology and in ICT.

I am aware that many Nigerians, both in church and state, feel and think otherwise. Their pain and frustrations are understandable but I believe that God has allowed so much spiritual and strategic prayer investments in Nigeria that He will not allow those to suffer loss. It will be a tough journey obviously, but Nigeria shall reach the PROMISED LAND.

Believe me, there is a new Nigeria ahead. We shall hasten its emergence if we give and take. The church has a strategic spiritual role to play in this matter if she repents and returns to God. That biblical truth remains ever relevant even for Nigeria.

“If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land”- (2 Chronicles 7-14).

God will deliver the Nigerian church and her leaders from their obsessions with temporal prosperities, personal and group empire building. God will reform her to seek to build His kingdom here on earth, nay in Nigeria.

By the finger of God, He will bring this to pass. A NEW NIGERIA is in the making!! Halleluya! You better believe it!!!.

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