Why Nigeria is drifting -Izuogu

A delegate to the just-concluded National Conference in Abuja, Engr. Dr. Ezekiel Izuogu, has observed that Nigeria needs a radical but democratic president who would pull Nigeria out of its present difficulties.

Speaking to Christian Voice, recently, Dr. Izuogu said that Nigeria’s president should be ready to move the country 50 years forward in three years, adding that the nation had wasted 60 years doing nothing.

He acknowledged that President Goodluck Jonathan means well for the country but doubted whether it was in him to do the kind of job Nigeria needs their president to do now.

Izuogu, who had run for the governorship of Imo State twice, evaluated the president’s performance and came up with a verdict that President Jonathan was “trying to do his best but his best is not the best for Nigeria”.

He criticized the president’s handling of the abduction of Chibok schoolgirls by the dreaded Boko Haram insurgents saying that it was so badly handled that the rest of the world has come against the nation.

“We need to know how to handle emergencies with dispatch. We wasted a lot of time and it has become a national shame”, he said.

The former lecturers and inventor observed that President Jonathan has the authority to use the recommendations of the national conference to move Nigeria forward.

According to him, the president should forward a memo to the National Assembly immediately after the submission of the conference report for approval of the decisions taken by the delegates.

He was of the view that the National Assembly would not pose any obstacle to the approval and implementation of the recommendations.

Engr. Izuogu said that the conference achieved a lot in the four months of sleepless nights the delegates passed through, adding that it is now left for the president to make the outcome of the conference a basis for future administration of the country.

“He set up the conference. If he implements 80% of the recommendations Nigeria would become a great country,” he said.

Izuogu who was part of the delegates from the South-East geo-political zone, commended the rapport and cooperation that existed among the delegates in four zones, namely South-East, South South, South West and Middle Belt.

He paid particular tribute to South western delegates including former presidential candidate Olu Falae and others for coming out forcefully to support most of the ideas, especially the creation of one more state in the South-East to bring it at par with other geo-political zone.

According to him, those who opposed it did so on selfish grounds, adding “it frightens me because I don’t know what anyone will gain opposing the idea. You cannot oppose an idea whose time has come.”

He explained that the additional state was to bring the South-East at par with other zones, while the other recommendation for 18 more states also includes the zone as a bendeficiary.

On resource control, he said that the northerners are opposed to it because of personal and selfish considerations.

“There is no reason why those who produce oil or other minerals should not be made to enjoy the fruit of the wealth from their land, he said.

Engr. Izuogu advised Nigerians to be steadfast, unmovable, not clannish and to deemphasize ethnicity so as to build a virile and prosperous country.


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