DON’T LOSE HOPE! With Moma-Enkay

You will have courage because you will have hope. Job 11:18
There’s a mental condition that’s essential to the life God wants you to live. It’s the fuel your heart runs on. It’s the single biggest difference between those who persevere and those who give up. It’s called – HOPE. It’s a powerful force that arouses your mind to explore every possibility and overcome every obstacle.
Hope is what makes couples say “I do,” without any guarantee, and later after all the broken promises, makes them pick up the pieces and try again. It’s why composers agonize over a score and artists over a canvas, believing some glimmer of beauty will emerge from the struggle.
As an old man, the painter Henri Matisse was crippled with agonizing arthritis. When asked why he continued to wrap his swollen fingers around a paint brush every day he replied, “The pain goes away; the beauty endures.” That’s hope! Laboring to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo grew so discouraged that he wanted to quit, but every morning hope pushed him up the ladder to fulfill his magnificent vision. Hope made Abraham leave home without knowing where God was taking him. David said, “For you have been my hope … my confidence since my youth” (Ps 71:5).
Don’t lose hope! You can survive many losses, but lost hope paralyzes your spirit. Listen: “You will have courage because you will have hope” (Job 11:18). So regardless of your circumstances, keep your hope alive today by – staying focused on God!


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