Bishop Ukanwa consoles Chukwuezi family …at burial of their mother By Gid Ahanonu

The remains of late Ezinne Grace Nwanyichukwu Chukwuezi were last Wednesday interred in her home town Ibeme Ugiri in Isiala Mbano local government area, Imo State, after a funeral service at St. Mary’s Anglican Church Ibeme.

In his remarks at the ceremony, the Bishop of Isi-Mbano, Rt. Rev. Godson U. Ukanwa Ph.D (JP) advised members of the deceased family to have courage and faith in the Lord as they bury their mother since it is not the other way round, noting that their mother having laboured tirelessly with her late husband, Cathechist Chukwuezi, to bring them up as a religious family, they ought to sustain love and peaceful living bearing in mind that a church worker’s house is a hallowed place with the priest being the administrator.

Preaching the sermon earlier, the Archdeacon of Ehime, Ven. Emma Nwachukwu, called on the people to imbibe the culture of practical Christianity devoid of hypocrisy by individual assessment since they started having the word of God from churches media stations and outdoor preachings.

The preacher observed that so many people are regular worshippers and activists in the church without obedience to the word of God, hence he warned those people to live a transformed life of righteousness as the kingdom of God is not for evil men, adding that death which is for all mortals can strike at anybody anytime.

He noted that the biblical Geheziel could not learn anything from his master Elisha despite being with him, Demas also did not benefit from Paul, neither did Judas follow the ways of Our Lord Jesus Christ, nor did Abraham’s prayers save Lot and his wife, hence he urged Christians not to be like them as they were worldly.

The service was conducted by the Archdeacon of Oka/Ibeme, Ven. S.I. Nwabugwu, while the first daughter of the deaceased, Mrs Hariatha Alozie read the only lesson from 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, as the fifth son of the deceased, Rev. Can. St. Paul Chukwuezi rendered a dirge at the service.

In the family oration signed by the deceased’s first son, Mr Uzoma Chukwuezi, late Madam Grace was described as a hard working woman who devoted her time in the things of God with prudence and uprightness.

According to the family, she served the church and society diligently.

The occasion was well attended by the clergy of both Isi-Mbano, Owerri and Ikeduru dioceses including other sympathizers across the state.



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