Concerned Christians kick against grazing reserves in South East

Concerned Christians in the South East have expressed worries over allegations that members of a House of Assembly in one of the South Eastern states would soon pass a bill into law to create grazing reserves in that state.

Speaking to selected newsmen in Owerri, one of the citizens who happens to be a clergyman stated that the move if implemented, could facilitate the infiltration of the area by Boko Haram insurgents and its attendant violence and mayhem.

He opposed the idea of creating grazing reserves and canvassed for the construction of ranches as is found in more civilized nations and some big farms in the north, where cows are fed within the ranch and not allowed to roam the streets.

A running battle has been on in Imo State and other states in the South East between the Fulani herdsmen and village farmers, with herdsmen brazenly displaying weapons and using them sometimes on the land owners.

Analysts believe that their being allowed to settle in the Middle-Belt had given rise to incessant clashes and killings in parts of Plateau and Benue states in recent times.

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