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Boko Haram in slavery, human flesh trade, traffic By Echi Nwogu

The world is in for a return to the dark ages. That’s where these jihadists are dreaming of taking planet earth to – slavery and a sex sporting era. Their convoluted perversions of sexual exploits is part of their motivations and drives for victory and spoils of war including female bounties for sale and for sex sports.

Actually theses Arabs and Asians have never been rid of a slagging vulture. They have raided Africa for slaves long before the Trans Atlantic slave trade which the Europeans learnt from them as a solution to the labour needs for the new world farms.

That the ISIS or the Boko haram are kidnapping, capturing and selling women and girls as wives and sex slaves is not surprising. They have been doing slavery across from Nigeria, Sudan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia up to Iran, Iraq for the last 4,000 years. It was only slowed and continued discreetly in the last 150 years as a result of the world ban on slavery. The Arabian slave route is still alive. Slave still abound in Muslim nations and it appears that there is no clear teaching in Islam that calls kidnaping, rapes, forced marriages, slavery and butchering of people of other faiths evil and damnable. This is the area we want those who claim they are modern Muslims or moderate Muslims to address. The ISIS and Boko haram exploits and footsteps show us and give us evidence of things to expect the coming days if they gain more grounds and we slow them to set up shop. Definitely they have no intention of abiding by known and accepted international standards of conduct and human rights codes. It is dark age brutal existence they love. The nations of the world must act now on their own for a start. They must also come together to act before the lust for global economic conquest and the pleasures of sexual perversions and attraction to the spoils of war lure even the so called Muslims to join the global jihad campaign for world domination.

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