FIFA’s ban and Nigerian youths

The powerful body governing football in the world, Federation of International Football (FIFA) has threatened to suspend Nigeria from participating in global footballing activities with effect from tomorrow Monday, September 8, if the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) fails to resolve the interminable squabble for power among the administrators.

For years now members of NFF have been treating Nigerians to theatrical rounds of impeachments, sackings and suspensions among themselves.

A stickler for propriety, FIFA does not tolerate such disorderliness or governments interfering in the administration of football in each of the over 200 member countries.

FIFA usually sanctions erring associations with bans of up to two years after warnings.]

In the last three months FIFA has issued two such warnings to NFF. Yet owing to greed and inordinate quest for acquiring and monopolizing power, members of the NFF have not mended their ways.

These men are so entrenched in their selfish ambitions that they have failed to spare a thought to the fact that FIFA’s ban for any nation jeopardizes the chances of thousands of their youths to pursue their career in football.

Today, there are over 1000 Nigerian youths playing lucrative professional football in Europe with over 5000 others earning their living playing football in Nigerian clubs.

And should these self-centered men in NFF fail to reconcile their differences before FIFA’s deadline tomorrow, they should account to Nigerian youths for ruining their future.


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