Vote for credible candidates in 2015 election -2014 Odenigbo lecturer tells Igbos By Gid Ahanonu

The 2014 Odenigbo lecture, traditionally the high point of the annual Owerri Catholic Archdiocesan Day Celebration came off successfully penultimate Saturday at Asumpta Cathedral Owerri with Igbo culture and practices on abundant display.

In his opening address to the ecumenical gathering, the Archbishop of Owerri Catholic Archdiocese and the founder of Odenigbo Lecture, Most Rev. A.J.V. Obinna explained that the annual Archdiocesan Day Celebration was meant to mark the elevation of Catholic Diocese of Owerri to an Archdiocese in 1994.

He stressed the need for anyone seeking for leadership power to come to Jesus who has taken over power hence the topic for the 2014 Odenigbo lecture, “Ochichi Oma; Olileanya Ohanaeze” (Good governance; expectations of the people”).

In his lecture, the lecturer, Professor Chinedu Nwajiuba who was ushered into the podium with Igbo cultural pomp and pageantry, berated some past political leaders in Igboland who did not live up to the expectations of the people by not getting feedbacks from the people they represented.

He also blamed them for not putting plans on the ground for establishment of industries which, according to him, would have solved unemployment problems and ease the dependence on monthly revenue allocations from the centre.

Professor Nwajiuba who is a Knight in the Anglican Church and a lecturer in Imo State University, advocated for change from routine method in governance to massive industrialization with less tourism or hotel industries.

The lecturer lamented the failure of elected politicians to meet the expectations of those who elected them to power and challenged Igbo electorate to correct the ugly trend in 2015 by scrutinizing the qualifications of the aspirants, what they have done in the past, their life style, what they are known for among other things before voting for them.

Prof. Nwajiuba made special mention of the former governor of Anambra State, Mr Peter Obi, who he hailed for developing the state by partnering with the church on education and hospitals’ management with good accounting system.

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