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No vote for Jihadists By Echi Nwogu

Many are going to be disappointed in next year’s presidential election. Those who think they are running down President Jonathan by exacerbating the boko haram brutal assaults on our people, nation and sensibilities are very mistaken. Those who organized the kidnapping of the Chibok girls, promoted the raping, marriages, exportation and sale of the girls into slavery and their use as sex slaves and brides for their conscripts and local and foreign clients are mistaken. They have done this and pursued a strategy of advertising the president as incapable of ruling Nigeria and as such their own man must ascend to rule Nigeria by hook or crook.

The Boko haram is bent on violent change of a northern Nigerian leadership to an extremist Islamic leadership. The opposition conglomerate of APC is sworn and prophecies the definite change of the Nigerian leadership to a northern Muslim presidency now or at the latest by the 2015 elections. Some of aggrieved opposition members have even called for a military coup to seize power.

Most of the opposition leaders have been threatening hell and brimstone will descend on Nigeria if they do not unseat Dr. Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan at the 2015 election. The opposition campaign has been anchored on attacks on the person of Goodluck Jonathan as their single enemy. All their propaganda is focused on painting him as bad as they can. Foreign media have been buying into this.

Let it be known that all this their strategy that tend towards the change of Nigerian leadership, which is the objective of the boko haram and the ISIS global objective of global islamization, is a powerful bomerang that will ensure that President Jonathan wins the 2015 Nigerian presidential election.

You do not need any soothsayer to prophecy that. Reasonable Nigerians will not vote for Islamic jihadists whether moderate or extremist. The plank of APC campaign and policy is power change to the north. They have sensitized us enough to fear their objectives and believe the worst to expect of a northern Muslim government in Nigeria. They have misfired and should return to the drawing board. The Washington Post, you have been had. You have been hoodwinked. Wash your eyes and look again. Read the lips and body language of the Boko Haram and the Nigerian opposition vis a vis the terror warfare and the images of an ungovernable Nigeria by Jonathan.

It is a power change strategy for same reasons. The question before the world now is, shall the world allow an Islamic jihadist Caliphate to be established by blood and fire from Asia to Africa and then Europe and America? The question for Nigerians and the world is shall the Muslim dominated Islamic brotherhood of Nigeria be allowed to work in tandem or in parallel to establish a regional Islamic caliphate that will team up with the ISIS brutish war machine to strive for world Islamic domination.

That is the question the Editorial Board of the Washington Post must address first and foremost before becoming a campaign manager for the Islamic overthrow of the Nigerian leadership by a clever political propaganda and a terrorizing war to present Nigeria as ungovernable by any other except by them.


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