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Disturbing activities of anti-Christian ‘men and women of God’ By Eze Sir J.O. Muruako KSJ, JP.

The Imo Broadcasting Corporation (IBC) Orient FM radio in a programme in the morning of the 29th September, featured a discussion on the activities of the self styled men and women of God. It was quite disturbing to listen to several people’s narations of the quite ungodly and unchristian doings of these people who now parade themselves as pastors, reverends, overseers, evangelists ad infinitum.

Everybody who honestly believes and professes to be godly should be a believer in our God and Lord Jesus Christ who proclaimed in the scriptures that he and his father are the same. This means that any true and honest man of God should be truthful one of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Lord Jesus Christ did not leave any body in doubt as to the path to his followership. He clearly stipulated the way in the scriptures. What are the criteria of his followership?

Firstly in the gospel of Mathew Chapter 16 verses 24-26 Our Lord Jesus declared to the apostles “if any one want to be a follower of mine let him renounce himself and take up his cross and follow me……… What then will a man gain if he wins the whole world and ruins his life”.

Here the founder of Christianity which the men and women of God” profess has prescribed self sacrifice and complete devotion to the things of God.

Secondly in the same gospel of Mathew chapter 22 verses 14-4- our Lord enunciated the greatest commandment of his service in these stem words. “You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul”.

The second commandment he enunciated as ‘You must love your neighbour as yourself. He added that on the two commandments hang the whole law and the prophets also”. On the criteria of love our Lord demanded that we love our enemies and do good to those who hurtus. His true followers must turn the other check when slapped.

The above scriptural and God enunciated criteria for the followership of our Lord Jesus Christ stipulate that true Christians must concentrate on the things which ensure their attainment of heaven, even if they involve suffering and carrying of crosses. Our Lord also prescribed undeliruted and unlimited love of others which involve forgiveness and selflessness.

In the face of these clear standards for Christianity and godliness the revelations from the discussions on Orient radio reveal that the ravening “men and women of God” are not the followers of Jesus Christ who they parrot his sacred name. Attendance at any of the churches or gatherings of these people scandalizes any true Christian with the worldliness of the sermons, appearances and activities of these rabid professors of Christ. The randy clothing’s and demean our of the leaders and followers are any thing godly. The other day this writer listened to the radio preaching’s of one them. It was quite disappointing that from the beginning to the end, this leader of Christians never mentioned the need to be holy to make heaven. There were no prescriptions to do good to prepare for meeting Christ after death. As far as they were concerned death does not exist and heaven is here and now, prosperity is the gospel. It is the question of love that these people reveal a disturbing fact that they are not of the God of the scriptures. While the scriptures prescribe love, they preach and practice vengeance and hatred.

Through their false visions and prophecies, close relatives and associates are incited against each other. No illness or misfortune occurs without a human agent. In pursuit and practice of the heathens of old, every incident must be investigated with a vision or a prophecy. The disturbing aspect is that the culprit of any illness, death or misfortune is always a close relation or associate of the victim. How easier to propagate hatred and undermine love than to inform a child that his or her mother, is a witch and responsible for his or her misfortunes. Instead of being Christian purveyors of love the standard practice of these people has turned daughters against mother and friend against friend. They invented “Holy ghost fire as a weapon of revenge. One gets disturbed that the character of the third person in the triune God is now desecrated as a weapon of revenge when Christ preached forgiveness.

As a Christian, this writer is scandalized at the use the name and person of our holy God is being put to by the “new pay as you pray men and women of God”. Unfortunately conditions in Nigeria offer these people a fertile ground of operation. With unemployment, ignorance and the carry over’s from our heathen past, these Christian heathens have a field day. What is most disturbing is the level of the exploitation of the need of people and bastardisation of families.

There was a publicized case of “a man of God who took over a man’s wife and daughter while healing them of ill health. One calls on our kind God to have mercy on us all and save us from the unchristian and “ungodly men and women of God”.



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