How Church leaders created Boko Haram -Bishop

There would have been no Boko Haram if the church did not abandon her mission of healing, teaching and guiding the nation, Bishop Cyril Okorocha has said.

Delivering his presidential address at the just concluded 3rd session of the 19th Synod of the Diocese of Owerri, the Bishop said that prophetic findings are that the Boko Haram and Islamic state of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) scourge were a “scourge on an errant church and her pharisaic leadership”.

He said that because the current leaders of Nigeria, who had been educated in Christian schools, had abandoned the faith and their duty posts, other lords have taken over.

“Boko Haram as an aspect of global ISIS, is a protest movement, a reactionary movement, wolves that have moved in because the shepherds have become rougish and unreliable hunters who have abandoned their duty post. And now savage and heartless wolves have descended on the flock!”, he exclaimed.

The erudite Bishop, who drove home his points with poetic interjections, said that to reverse the situation we must repent and return as well as lead by example.

Speaking on the general elections which are almost at hand, Bishop Okorocha asked whether they would be free and fair and wondered whether errant politicians would ever be rebuked.

He also called for leadership by example, regretting that a Nigerian Muslim leader once described a Nigerian Primate Church leader as “a disgrace to religion.”

According to him, these are signs of the end time, when we “chased God out of the church and replaced His Glory and holiness with silver and gold: the mammon of this world”

He also sees in what has been happening the inauguration of the World War 3 (WW3) to be championed by Anti-Christ people in reaction to the failure of the church and her leadership.

He called on leaders to repent, to lead and guide by example and stop copying world standards adding that it is time for people to run back to the place where God may still be found.

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