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The way you dress… By Chioma Munachiso Samuel

It was a horrible experience that fateful day as the bus driver stopped at Douglas Road, Owerri for a plumpy young lady who sat on a seat before mine to alight. The lady bent down and her low waist trouser pulled down and exposed her extremely dark buttocks decorated with uncountable stretch marks. The two elderly women who sat beside me sighed unanimously, I personally felt nauseated. Before we could digest the one facing us, she turned toward the door with her breast almost hopping out from her blouse. One of the women who sat next to me couldn’t stomach the last exhibition; “why are you embarrassing yourself?” the woman asked almost shouting. This attracted the attention of everyone, “go and tell that to your daughter” retorted the girl without showing any iota of remorse. This turned the bus into a state of chaos. People started calling her all sorts of derogatory names till she got down and 1 ask myself “why are people embarrassing themselves all in the name of fashion?”

The way most females dress today is alarming. This unpleasant trend can also be seen among elderly women. We live in an era where skirts are getting shorter, blouses are exposing cleavages, and trousers are no longer at the waist but below the buttocks. As I watch ladies put on skimpy wear, I wonder if the designers are facing shortage of fabric or whether they don’t know their size. When you walk around the street you will see girls exhibiting insanity all in the name of fashion.

We dress to look presentable, but when we dress indecently we dress to clamour for sexual attention. This paints a picture of a harlot advertising its product for people to patronize and it reduces someone’s personality to a slut. Most times girls, engage in this act just to attract the opposite sex, but one thing is that you cant attract real men but dogs. Even though they get married to you, when they meet other girls outside exposing more than you do, they will also go after them.

When you enter any of these “come as you are and remain as you are churches”, you will shed tears for Christianity. The girls dress more like harlots. To them God judges the heart, but, what about the “bro” that catches the sight of ladies’ exposed breast and starts imagining things as the pastor is busy “uploading the word”, I bet you he will not be able to remember anything. The things we think don’t matter may just be the matter arising. The bible even made us to understand that looking at a woman lustfully is fornication. Men are moved by sight and when girls dress in a sexually provocative manner, it may lure them into fornication and when they can’t have their way, it may lead to rape.

Most times some of these girls who claim to be sexually molested are architects of their predicaments. They dress just to imitate those they look up to, or to impress their peer groups. They tend to see this as an acceptable way of showcasing flamboyance. When you attend occasions like wedding or birthday parties, you will see them shamelessly walking to and fro like peacocks, seeking whom to entice.

However, indecent dressing can cause a lot of detrimental effects to someone’s life, which could be sexual harassment or rape. When you dress indecently, you are simply saying “please am ready for sex”. Most men are moved by sight and when they can’t have their way they might rape the individual. Rape is never a pleasant experience; it can lead the individual into a traumatic state if care is not taken. Most of these touts and hooligans derive joy in molesting girls that dress in such manner even in broad day light, because most times we can dress and give the wrong signal.

Furthermore, the way you dress, is definitely the way you are addressed. The way we dress goes a long way to speak volumes of our personality. When we dress indecently, it attracts bad names whether you are bad or not, people will not see you as a responsible person. Good name, they say, is better than wealth. It is honorable in the sight of God and humanity to dress decently. When you dress indecently, you don’t attract good names but vulgar names.

Dressing indecently can make a man commit fornication or adultery by either looking lustfully or engaging in the act. The eyes are swift to see immoral things and the brain interpretes it faster if not controlled. In the book of Genesis Chapter 3″ vs. 6 the woman was first attracted by the sumptuous look of the apple, through the eyes and she thought of how good it will be to eat from the tree and to be wise. The eyes, ear, and the brain act cooperatively to produce our actions. The book of Matthew 5vs 8 made it crystal clear that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully, has already committed adultery with her in his eyes.” And this menace has really increased the chances of this men falling prey to adultery.

Indecent dressing is not a pleasant trend; it can tarnish the image of an individual, exposing the person to all forms of dehumanization and above all it can lead people to sin. Individuals should try and curtail the way they expose their bodies especially the girls, to avoid embarrassment.

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