Imo House of Assembly and creation of new autonomous community By Eze, Sir J.O. Muruako

The Imo State House of Assembly recently shocked its admirers by succumbing to the now scandalous subdivision of Imo Communities for reasons other than the general good of the state body socio-polity. Imo people pride themselves as being the heart of the Igbo nation widely known for the very close Socio-cultural relationships of its indigenes and communities. For example my former community, the greater Ihiagwa in Owerri-West Local Government Area was so tied together by religion, that no kindred in Ihiagwa was more than four kilometers from others. In this socio cultural religious mix our people forged very close social, spiritual, economic and political relationships. However when the wind of rabid ambition and money for traditional rulership started blowing in Imo State, Ihiagwa splintered into two with a possibility of becoming three communities with the enticing open door of the Imo State House of Assembly.

One wonders whether our patriotic members of the House of Assembly stop to compare what impression Imo State with over 637 traditional rulers makes with Anambra with only 166 or in the West and North of the Nigeria where one traditional ruler presides over many communities. Can one family traditional ruler from Imo ever feel at home or equal with his counterparts from other parts of the country. The disturbing aspect of the whole situation is the splintering of families to create autonomous communities. In Imo these are caused, mostly by rabid ambitions of money bags and encouragement of our respected House Assembly. One still remembers the sickening money deals and the politically induced hurry which resulted in the emergence of 106 new autonomous communities in Imo State in 2011. One had hoped that our patrotic members in the present Imo House of Assembly would assist Governor Okorocha to rationalize the unwieldly number of traditional rulers in the State now to make for more respect for our rulers and peace in our communities. Indeed without the enticement stance of our respected House, money bags and trouble makers in communities would not dismember closely related people to secure a community of their own.

This is a clarion call to our respected Speaker and his patriotic members to close the door to the continued dismemberment of Imo State. They should resist the monetary inducements and open up a new vista in the socio-cultural situation in Imo State.


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