The hide and seek with Boko Haram

If it is true that the Boko Haram sect has denied the truce it reached with the Federal Government, which we dare say the federal government was too hasty in announcing, then the Federal Government has let itself be fooled again by the demonic group.

This one is a diplomatic loss too many for the FG in the war, and it is unacceptable to every self-respecting Nigerian. A lot of people will feel insulted by this. The way the Federal Government showed desperation in accepting it, is not good enough.

The impression we get, which is unmistakable, is that the Nigerian government appears to have found Boko Haram a hard nut to crack. How does this inspire confidence in any body about a country that is faltering in many respects? And what, may we ask, is the problem? Is it personnel or equipment? Is it finance?

We support the idea of a ceasefire. When the news came, it raised the morale of people in the country and beyond, especially when it was initiated by the Federal Government. But when it was immediately botched, we were downcast. It seemed Boko Haram was having the upper hand and dictating the tune, making a jest of our respected government.

However, as messy as the whole thing looks at the moment for the Federal Government , we advise that it resists being dragged back to the war front because of the embarrassing antics of the evil sect. With this latest repudiation of a move to end hostilities and save lives on both sides, Boko Haram is proving to be worse than the ebola scourge. It should be handled with firmness as well as flexibility. The Federal Government and the military need to be creative to be able to end the nuisance and frustrate its local and foreign sponsors.

It will be desirable to settle the Boko Haram issue sooner than later. Otherwise it will affect the general elections adversely. It may postpone it indefinitely in most of the north. If that happens, the Federal Government has lost substantially in the conflict. That would also be considerable victory for the sect, which should never happen.


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