Don’t try this at home

An appeal has been made on people to go to the right places for treatment instead of resorting to places of worship or seeking succour from medical quacks.

Making the appeal recently, the Medical Director of St. David’s Hospital, Ikenegbu Owerri, Dr Sylvanus Anyanwu, said it was necessary to go to the right places where there are available functional equipment and well-trained personnel.

Dr Anyanwu’s remark stemmed from a maternity case referred to his hospital, adding that in certain cases people tend to consult mush-room places of worship or other outfits where quacks operate.

He sounded a note warning that the patients’ lives are at risk when subjected to trial-and-error methods.

In the case of Emilia whose child weighed 6.4kg, to do anything outside CS would have put the lives of the mother and child in danger.

“Only a madman would subject such a woman to continued torture in the name of labour,” he said.

Last Sunday, Christian Voice carried the picture of a child delivered under strenuous condition, a failed attempt at one of the hospitals in down town Aleanyi Ogwa in Mbaitoli local government of Imo State.

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