Traders root for Ukanacho

Imo State Market Traders Association (ISMTA) has unanimously adopted the governorship candidate of the United Progressive Party (UPP) Dr Osmond Imo Ukanacho as their candidate for the February 28th Governorship election in Imo State.

In a statement in Owerri, the Chairman and Publicity Secretary of the Association Mr. Stephen Nkemjika and Mr. David Okoko affirmed that Dr Ukanacho is the only candidate without a dent among his peers. Full text of the letter of adoption reads thus:

Having observed with keen interest the unfolding political developments in Imo State with particular reference to the kind of man our state is yearning for in 2015 and having analyzed and assessed all the Political Party’s Candidates in the forth coming governorship election, we the members of Imo State Market Traders Association (ISMTA) wish to observe the following.

1. That Imo State needs a youthful, dynamic and result oriented man with fresh ideas.

2. That Imolites want a total departure from the old order if the state must be transformed.

3. That Imo eligible voters would not want to gamble with their votes by supporting or voting for candidates who have scores to settle with the Courts of Law over pre-election matters (Party Primaries).

4. That Owerri zone as a matter of fairness and equity should be given a chance to occupy the Douglas House as Okigwe and Orlu zones have taken enough of their shares (Okigwe 8 years and 3 months, Orlu 16 years, Owerri 1 year and 3 months under diarchy). Note that diarchy is a system of government where the military is in charge at Federal level and civilians at the state level. It is never a Republic.

5. That a man without a dent on his personality, who has no question to answer either to EFCC, ICPC, Police and other Law Enforcement Agencies be allowed to transform the Eastern heartland in 2015.

6. That a man who tells Imolites what he had done for Ndimo and not always what he will do if elected Governor is the man to salvage our dear state.

7. That Imo is tired of a one man show whose governance is for himself and his family alone.

In the light of the above observations, we thereby resolve and affirm that Dr Osmond Imo Ukanacho KSC, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Governorship candidate is the only candidate fit at this point in time to govern Imo state because of who he is, what he represents, where he hails from and what he has done to advance humanity even as a private business man.

We also seize this medium to inform Imolites that we have adopted him (Ukanacho) as our candidate for the Feb, 28 Governorship election and as well urge other professional or trade groups to do the needful by adopting and supporting Dr Osmond Ukanacho for a greater Imo state in 2015.


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