Fire Jega now -Former speaker tells FG

Convinced that the Independent Nation Electoral Commission (INEC) Chairman, Prof. Attahiru Jega, is “ a politician and a crusader of powershift to the north”, a former speaker of the Imo State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Chief Noel Agwuocha Chukwukeadibia has advised the Federal Government not to allow him to conduct the rescheduled Presidential elections.

In a letter to President Goodluck Jonathan which was made available to the press, Hon Chukwukadibia alleged that Prof. Jega must have interest in who wins the presidential election and that the interest is tilted towards Gen. Muhammadu Buhari.

Ther former Imo State Commissioner and defunct ACN deputy governorship candidate in Imo stated that the goal of the Northern Union, which Prof. Jega belongs, is to install Buhari the president of Nigera and Jega cannot be counted as an unbiased empire.

Excerpts from the letter:

Mr. President, why do I say so?

Between 2005-2006, the late Dr. Abubakar Otusola Saraki – (Waziri of Ilorin) formed the Northern Union (NU) with some Northern Politicians to pursue some Northern Political interests including the idea of power-shift from the South to the North. Some of the founding members of the Northern Union were Alhaji Gambo, Dr. Yima Sen. Jimeta, Comrade Paschal Bafayau, Alhaji Ciroma Keffi, Dr. Ibrahim Lame and many others including the present INEC Chairman Prof. Attahiru Jega.

The Northern Union under Dr. Olusola Saraki’s leadership toured every geo-political zone to negotiate for power-shift back to the North after President Olusegun Obasanjo. See pages 229 and 330 of the Biography of Dr. Olusola Saraki titled: “Dr. Abubakar Olusola Saraki (Waziri of Ilorin) in History”. Published by Cleanbills publishers and printed by Charleston, S.C (South Carolina) U.S.A on the 14th February, 2014. The tracking No is: 26619053R00211 while the book is marketed

After the tours, the leadership of Northern Union again staged a Northern Union General Assembly workshop at Transcorp Hifton Hotel, Abuja on 1st March, 2007; and again the present INEC Chairman Prof. Attahiru Jega was there at the high table. See Prof. Attahiru Jega with Chief Edwin Clarke photographs at pages 253 and 255 of the same book. Since the publication of the Biography of Dr. Olusola Saraki, Prof. Jega has made no attempt to deny his involvement with Northern Union. It therefore, follows that Prof. Jega must have an interest in who wins the Presidential Election; and that interest will be tilted towards Gen. Mohammadu Buhari in order to achieve the goal of the Northern Union, Prof. Jega will definitely not be an unbiased umpire in the circumstance. Therefore, he must not be allowed to conduct the re-scheduled Presidential Election. Jega is a Politician and should disqualify himself from further participating or continuing to play the role of an Umpire.

Enclosed are photocopies of the photographs referred to in the body of the letter which photographs Dr. Olusola Saraki gave to me while he was alive. For more information, please refer to to see the book under reference.

It is therefore safe to reasonably conclude that Prof. Jega will not deliver you even if you win. Prof. Jega is not a proper person to conduct the Presidential Election. Mr. President, this letter is for your ears but permit me to extend copies of it to the media for their own eyes and ears. I have also copied Prof. Jega for his reaction. I regret the breach of protocol.

Thank you.



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