Emulate Abraham’s faith in God -Priest tells Christians

Christians have been enjoined to emulate Abraham’s unwavering faith in God for divine abundant blessings.

Fr. Samuel Akaraonye of St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, Umuokrika in Mbaise gave the injunction in his sermon marking the second Sunday of Lent in the parish.

Preaching on the theme: The Sacrifice of Abraham, our Father in Faith (Genesis 22: 1-2.), Fr. Akaraonye said God put Abraham to daunting test when he asked him to take his only beloved son, Isaac to Moriah and offer him for sacrifice and he unhesitatingly obeyed.

He stated that it was the unparalleled devotion of Abraham that moved God to provide a ram for the sacrifice and blessed him and his descendants bountifully.

The clergyman emphasized on humility, sacrifice and self denial, urging Christians to forgo materials things that could hold them down in the devil’s stronghold.

Fr. Akaraonye underlined that the only power satan has over man is sin and enjoined children of God to abhor sin and have their rights and privileges restored as sons of God.

He regretted than many are still under the yoke of the evil one because they can not give up sin and free themselves from captivity.

The clergy therefore enjoined Christians to avail the opportunity offered by the lenten period to transform their lives and strengthen their relationship with God, the creator.


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