Mothering Sunday a day to appreciate mothers -Bishop’s wife

Mothering Sunday celebration has been described as an event during which children appreciate their mothers, as well as a time when husbands equally exhibit special love to their wives, who are also mothers. Furthermore, it is said to be a time mothers are reminded of their God-given roles in the family, including helping to bring up their children in the fear of God.

The President of the Women’s Ministries, Anglican Diocese of Owerri, Dr (Mrs) Eunice Iheoma Okorocha (Mama Owerri), who gave these explanations in an exclusive interview on the “Significance of Mothering Sunday” at the Bishop’s Bourne, Diocese of Owerri, noted that this special occasion in the lives of the Anglican Women in the Church of Nigeria, and also in the United Kingdom, is observed in the fourth Sunday within the Lenten period, every year, while the Catholic Women here in Nigeria, she said, observe the Mothers Sunday, one week after that of the Anglican Women.

In answer to a question, as to whether the celebration is biblical, Dr (Mrs) Okorocha said that, though there is no where the celebration is stated in the Bible, she made reference to Proverbs chapter 14:1, which states that “the wise woman builds her house………”, adding that women, by nature, are known to work from behind, doing quite a lot at home, and also play many key roles in the various Christian churches.

The Women’s Ministries President explained that during the Mothering Sunday Service, many activities are encouraged, including playlets, rendition of special mothering Sunday songs, fund-raising, to take care of inmates of orphanages/motherless babies homes, disabled persons, hospitals, prisoners, widows, indoor members of the churches in the Anglican Communion etc.

In answer to another question, Dr (Mrs) Okorocha reiterated that women in the Anghcan church play major roles in prayers, accompanied by faith and obedience to God, and always try to serve God in sincerity and truth. She encouraged women to pray that God gives Nigeria a leader of His choice, a leader who will honour and fear God, and who will not mismanage the resources of this nation; a leader who will not be a tyrant.

Speaking about women participation, Dr (Mrs) Okorocha said that women who want to be in politics can also, but that this depends on how such women want to go about it. She admitted that some notable women are already in politics in many parts of the country and are making their marks, but wouldn’t say how they have been going about it. Nigerian politics, she noted, is full of rottenness and not usually played the way it ought to be played. She, however, hinted that women who are looking heavenward would be reluctant to be part of the Nigerian kind of politics.

She however, advised women who want to go into politics, to feel free to do so, but should, first of all, hear from God, and be sure that God has called them to do so, as there is always the tendency for them to be swallowed up in the course of playing the game. It is more or less a man’s world, she opined.



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