Why military couldn’t crush boko haram …Earlier as Nigerians expected

-Chief of Defence Staff

Air Chief Marshal, Alex Badeh, Nigeria’s Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), has explained why the military could not crush the boko haram terrorists earlier as expected by Nigerians.

Badeh spoke to newsmen when he received N70 million worth of drugs and other items donated by Association of Pharmaceutical Importers of Nigeria to the Armed Forces to assist in the war against insurgents.

Badeh said that “war machines are not picked up from the shelf” explaining that the Army had to place orders and when the orders began to arrive, the soldier needed to train on them.

Based on that, according to the CDS, the military had to ask for more time to deal with the insurgents and clear the way for a more peaceful election.

“I do not want to bring politics into it. Whoever wants to bring politics into what we are doing, it is left for him,” he said.

He emphasized that there was no politics in their demand for a shift in the election dates, stressing that they had only received stock of the military equipment which is now behind their remarkable success in the war against the terrorists.

He reiterated that the war was not for the armed forces alone, noting that all the instruments of national power, ranging from the diplomatic, information, military ad economic, are employed to ensure national security and the defeat of the insurgents.



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