The fall of PDP


PDP’s fall from the Olympian heights of power has been a rout and a technical knock-out, but not quite a humiliation as such. The party went down gallantly. It has not passed out. Its size and influence are still looming in the background, we dare say menacingly. And that is dangerous. We congratulate the APC for starting a move that ended PDP’s arrogant rule that could have collapsed the country. Thanks to President Jonathan’s timely surrender, this country would have been burning since 29th March when the presidential election results were announced.

It was not the punches of the APC that finished the PDP. It was a steady process of self-destruct that ended its imperial rule and gave the APC this chance.

Certainly, Nigerians and even foreign allies of the country were visibly worried about the rogues that populated the PDP and what they did with power. President Jonathan was sluggish, unresponsive and even careless in publicizing what he was doing. When he eventually rose to the occasion it was too late in the day.

It has been quite a precipitous and sudden collapse of a super structure, and its consequences will be huge and must be handled.

What the matter is now is if the APC can summon the necessary toughness to checkmate the PDP bad eggs still hanging around who may want to be spoilers for the APC government and the country in expression of their frustration. Those PDP people may still play the role of a wounded lion that is going about looking for whom to devour.

The fall outs from the fall of the PDP will be much and varied. They may be under-estimated for now, or be mishandled to create a havoc that could make the power shift to backfire. This can result in a drastic redistribution of income and wealth and also bring about new animosities against the society in the nature of economic sabotage.

This is not to underrate the capacity of the president-elect and the APC to handle the sudden change. The corruption-riddled and tardy PDP for years was due for change. It matters what is coming to replace it, which Nigerians are to be fully briefed on. It is a cause for concern.

The wonderful ideas that will bouy the Buhari regime are yet to be placed on the table. These ideas should start coming now, so that the people to work with them will equally see what can be done. Existing challenges, problems and tasks so far seem to eclipse and obscure new ideas that will take us further. It takes more than assurances and election promises to deal for example with issues in the economy and the welfare of Nigerians in a regime of very poor income from oil that is almost being completely wiped out. Oil that used to be the best business is now no business at all. This is another cause for concern.

Isn’t it obvious that the bold strides in the power sector must continue; NNPC must be overhauled and the report of the National Confab expeditiously implemented for balance and promotion of true federalism? The penalties for malfeasance in the private and public sectors must be stiffened. The civil service at all levels has been in turmoil, harboring mostly un-motivated workers lacking in patriotism and transparency. Schools and the electronic media are steadily destroying our cultural values, and we must act now to stop any more decay there which is bringing universal derision to the country.



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